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    The fact that Balıkesir is located in an important geography for olives, grain and legume production, with coasts to the two different seas and the unique nature of the region are reflected in the city's culinary culture. The development of olive oil production in the Gulf region has made the use of olive oil widespread in meals. 50 different types of local cheese are produced in Balıkesir.

    Keşkek, şura, tirit, saçaklı mantı, zerde, höşmerim, Balıkesir kaymaklısı, papalina, Mihaliç cheese (Mihaliç peyniri), Ayvalık olive oil, Susurluk tostu, Ayvalık tostu and börülce ekşilemesi; these are some of the important tastes of Balıkesir cuisine.


    It is one of the most popular desserts of Balıkesir, made with cheese. It’s a creamy yellowish dessert made with semolina, butter, unsalted cheese, egg and sugar.


    Bread for tirit or yufka is cut into small pieces and placed on a tray. Chicken broth is poured over it. Chicken meat is added. Butter is heated and poured over it. Black pepper is added. The meal is garnished with black pepper and parsley and served.


    Ingredients: 1 glass of rice, 2.5 glasses of sugar, 50 gr. barberry sugar, 2 tablespoons rose water, 3-5 cloves, half a teaspoon cinnamon.

    Preparation: Boil rice with water. After boiling, sugar and rose water are added and cooked. When it is served, it is garnished with barberry sugar and cinnamon.