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    The Bird Paradise National Park 

    The park near Lake Manyas (Manyas Gölü) is an ornithological site where 266 different species of birds live – every year over three million birds fly through this reserve. April and May are the best months to enjoy the wildlife. 13km southeast of Bandırma in Karacabey, horse farms breed magnificent specimens of this majestic animal. Once known as ancient ErtekaErdek is just 14km northwest of Bandırma.

    The beautiful nature of Ayvalık provides the backdrop for activities such as trekking, bird watching, plant observation, jeep safaris and photo-safaris.

    The Beaches of Ayvalık

    The beaches of Ayvalık offer visitors several ways to enjoy a holiday of sea, sun and sand. The most notable beach is the Sarımsaklı Beach (Sarımsaklı Plajı), which is renowned for dry sands that do not stick to the body. Bamboo beach bars and coastal restaurants serving fresh juices and the local cuisine let visitors have a nice break from sea and sun.

    Its 22 islands, 60 diving spots, year-round diving options, and rich under water fauna and flora make Ayvalık a diver's paradise. The "red coral" that can be seen in 34 diving spots along the Ayvalık coast is enchanting. Divers choose Ayvalık for its abundant coral reefs, crystal clear water, and a multitude of diving spots.

    With its optimal climate conditions and favourable wind and waves, Ayvalık is also a very popular destination for windsurfers and sailing enthusiasts. Professional instructors are on hand and organised activities are available, so that enthusiasts of all skill levels can enjoy the sports safely.

    Türkeli (Avşa) is another holiday island that boasts spectacular beaches and clear water as well as vineyards and wine cellars. Here clear waters meet sandy beaches adorned with silvery green olive groves.