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    Balıkesir is one of the most important centres of cultural tourism with its monasteries, cemeteries, museums and ancient cities. Having hosted many important civilizations in the past and the existence of many remains belonging to these civilizations, Balıkesir has an important place in the rich cultural heritage of Türkiye.

    Historical Monuments and Museums in Balıkesir

    The mid-14th century Yıldırım Mosque (Yıldırım Cami), built by Bayezit I, is the city's oldest mosque while the Zağnos Paşa Mosque (Zağnos Paşa Cami), built by and named after the Grand Vizier of Mehmet the Conqueror Zağnos Paşa in 1461. The Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi) built by Mehmet Paşa in 1827 is a smaller version of the Galata Tower. The Karesi Bey Mausoleum (Karesi Bey Türbesi) of 1336 contains the cenotaphs of Karesi Bey and his five sons. Don’t forget to see the artefacts taken from the area and put on display in Balıkesir Museum (Kuva-i Milliye) (Balıkesir Müzesi).

    Just a few steps from Balıkesir

    The beautiful Değirmen Strait (Değirmen Boğazı), an area 10km from Balıkesir on the way to Bursa, lies nestled between two hills: on holidays and weekends families flock to this scenic spot and its restaurants. At Karakol village (Karakol köyü), photographers can capture three picturesque windmills. Ancient Penderamus, now called Bandırma, is today an important commercial and industrial harbour second only to İstanbul in the Sea of Marmara; you can spend a pleasant afternoon in the town’s restaurants and cafés. Belkıs (Kyzikos) lies 10km west of Bandırma; in this ancient city on the isthmus of the Kapıdağ Peninsula (Kapıdağ Yarımadası), the Temple of Hadrian (Hadrian Tapınağı), a theatre and aqueducts still captivate visitors


    The Devil's Feast

    One of the best vantage points of Ayvalık. The hill, which is perched over the Çamlık Forestry Camp (Çamlık Orman Kampı), is an old lava cone, and the hilltop, which is flat, resembles the traditional, low, round dining tables of the region. Some believe that an imprint on the rock, now covered with an iron cage, is the footprint of the Devil. The Devil's Feast (Şeytan Sofrası) has a panoramic view over the Ayvalık archipelago, looking down onto sounds and coves covered with pine forests. To dine at a hilltop restaurant and enjoy a drink while watching the sunset is a privilege.

    Historical Monuments of Ayvalık

    It is impossible to imagine Ayvalık without its sanctuaries. Saatli Mosque (Saatli Cami) Çınarlı Mosque (Çınarlı Cami) Hamidiye Mosque (Hamidiye Cami), Hayrettin Paşa Mosque (Hayrettin Paşa Cami) Küçükköy Central Mosque (Küçükköy Merkez Cami) Taxiarchis Church (Taksiyaris Kilisesi), Ayazma Church (Ayazma Kilisesi), Hagios Triada (Hagia Triada Kilisesi) Church are just some of them…